ONE of the most spectacular circus displays in the world is coming to Anglesey.

The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with a brand show. The latest production Gostinitsa is a show that promises a nerve-tingling, edge-of-your- seat thrill for the whole family.

The opening ceremony of the World Cup included performers from the Moscow State Circus sharing the pitch with Robbie Williams

For the past two years the circus artistes have been in training for this breath taking performances. And, it is fitting that the new show coincides with the 250th anniversary of the British institution, 'The Circus'.

Circus was the brain child of Phillip Astley, a former cavalry officer, who created an amphitheatre of equestrian arts on London's south-bank in 1768.

George Hughes worked alongside Astley until he broke away and formed his own circus just down the road from Astleys, Hughes. It also toured Europe and was commissioned by Catherine the Great to train Russian horsemen creating the famous Cossack Riders.

Gostinitsa presents award winning clowns, the Chervotkins Duo, who guide the audience through the show which features acts like the Didyk Troupe, acrobatics on Europe’s only double Russian swings. Flying through the air and somersaulting from one fast moving swing to another.

The Alikhanov Troupe perform on two ten meter pole’s balanced on one shoulder of a man with not one, but three girls climbing and spinning to the top of the same pole and five people walk the high wire. Plus, there are unicyclists the Gorodetskiys Duo and the sensational trapeze artistes the Peruskins Duo and Anna Rastsova.

The show is created especially for the UK and housed in a state of the art climate controlled theatre style luxury Big Top.

The show is on at Anglesey's Mona showground, Gwalchmai, Holyhead Road, on Friday, August 31 to Sunday, September 2. On Friday, shows are 3pm and 7.45pm, on Saturday, 3pm and 6pm and Sunday, 2pm and 5pm.