AN ANGLESEY museum proprietor has slammed a council for its “double standards” after being refused permission for tourism signs.

Elfed Rowlands, of the Copper Kingdom Centre at Amlwch Port, criticised how yellow signs have been introduced directing motorists to Anglesey Show – when Isle of Anglesey County Council has refused to put up the same signs promoting his museum attraction.

He has contacted MP Albert Owen and AM Rhun ap Iorweth to help fight the museum’s case and to support other businesses and attractions.

Mr Rowlands said: “It’s an absolute disgrace the way the local authority has rode roughshod with those wanting to promote their events on Anglesey.

“They are setting double standards. Not only have they put up these yellow signs telling people about the Anglesey Show, but they’ve put them on A roads near to the showground, but more insultingly adding more salt to the wound, placing them on the A55.

“Wow, how upset can one get?

“At the Copper Kingdom we’ve had them up over the past three years. But the council says they couldn’t do such a thing as they’ve had too many requests and that it’s also a danger to drivers.

“Double standards to the extreme.” I have notified Albert Owen and Rhun Ap Iorwerth. This isn’t how democracy should work.

He added: “Copper Kingdom, like most other trading outlets, is trying to develop the island and we shouldn’t be discounted or ignored, as we have been this year.”

A spokesman for Isle of Anglesey County Council said: “We receive many requests for temporary highway event signage and have adopted a consistent policy for dealing with such requests.

“A request for yellow event signage was received from JTM Signs on behalf of the Copper Kingdom, Amlwch.”

They said the request was for signage to be installed from Four Crosses Menai Bridge to Amlwch Port.

“The purpose of event signage is to direct the public safely to an event site and to assist motorists on the later part of their journey,” the spokesman added.

“Signs are not permitted to promote events or tourist attractions and the request for signage from Menai Bridge was therefore refused, but signs from Amlwch to the Copper Kingdom were approved.

“Sioe Mon (Anglesey Show) is a one of Wales is largest events with 40,000 to 50,000 people attending every year and creating considerable traffic congestion.

“The organisers of the show have developed an effective traffic management system and park and ride arrangements which have been approved by the Authority.

“Due to the number of visitors attending, traffic congestion and disruption along the A5 is inevitable and the authority therefore granted permission for event signage to Sioe Mon from the A5 a week in advance in order to ensure that motorists were aware of the potential for disruption in the area due to the event.

“The organisers of Sioe Mon carry out an independent promotional campaign that does not involve advertising within the adopted highway.

The Isle of Anglesey is not responsible for granting event signage on the A55. The matter has been explained to the Copper Kingdom.”

Labour MP Albert Owen “I fully support Copper Kingdom, the council should be working with them not against them.

There was a consultation to promote the Amlwch heritage area and they really need to get on with it and not hinder the local community in their efforts. I am 100 percent behind Copper Kingdom and the council should really think again.”

AM Rhun ap Iorweth said: “I have done a lot of work in the Assembly working with the business community on the issue of signs, it’s seems to be a problem I hear again and again all over Wales. We need work to make signage work more effectively and we need to put the infrastructure in to help tourism.

“I am very much in support of Copper Kingdom’s stance on this. It is a wonderful place telling the story of the industry and history of the Amlwch and the port area. It is a very important story, and one that should be heard.

“The Copper Kingdom is a fantastic asset for the island. We need to put the infrastructure in place to bring tourists in, and to signpost people to places like the Coppper Kingdom but also places like Parys Mountain heritage area.”

Mr Rowlands added: “It’s not just the Copper Kingdom affected, the matter isn’t fair and I’m glad that the MP and AM supporting me.

It is high time the council realise that signs and like these measures can and are a lifeline for local attractions.