GRIEVING families are being encouraged not to scatter their loved ones' ashes on Snowdon.

The Snowdonia Park Authority says the practice, on Wales' highest summit, can be distressing to others and adversely affects the eco-system of the mountain. An spokesperson said: "Whilst we empathize with families and relatives suffering the loss of a loved one, the Snowdonia National Park Authority does not encourage the scattering of ashes on Snowdon summit and surrounding areas. The summit itself is a very small area geographically with over half a million visitors yearly. However well-intentioned, the dispersal of ashes is problematic, it can be upsetting for others in the vicinity and we have received many complaints from the public. The areas’ soils are low acidic types and the spreading of calcareous materials will lead to changes to the existing soils and subsequently the natural ecosystems."

Information can be found at the Pen y Pass visitor centre or