A 20-year-old woman was spared custody on Friday after she was accused of smashing two glasses on another young woman, grabbing her hair, and punching and kicking the victim at a Gwynedd village pub.

Bethan Davies, of Y Glyn, Caernarfon, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and two offences of criminal damage to a car and plant pot.

Judge David Hale at Caernarfon crown court said drunken Davies had burst into the Goat at Penygroes and been “out of control.” She’d attacked the victim for no good reason except some gossip she had heard.

There was a throwing motion with the glasses “which is probably why the injuries were not more extensive.”

A twelve months suspended custodial term was imposed with a thinking skills course and £800 compensation to the assault victim and £110 to the car owner.

Dafydd Roberts, prosecuting, said Davies had also hurled pool balls around the pub. Cuts and bruising were caused to the assault victim and some hair was pulled out.

Mr Roberts said the woman then received messages from Davies saying it shouldn’t have happened and she was sorry.

Elen Owen, defending, said Davies was “utterly ashamed of herself.” At the time Davies had been in an “abusive” relationship with a man which had now ended. “She was going through clearly a traumatic period,” the barrister declared.

Character references told of a different side and she was working.