SIX budgies have been reunited with their owner after an intruder released them from their cage.

The aviary was broken into in the Dinerth Road area, Rhos-On-Sea. Eight birds escaped but thankfully six have now made their own way back to owner Di Willams, leader of the Colwyn Bay Gateway Club.

Speaking to the Pioneer, Mr Williams, who has about 20 birds, said: "We have two different aviary's inside the shed. Someone, we think overnight, came into the shed and opened the aviary door. We were shocked. At first I thought, 'did I close the door properly?' Sadly we have now had to put padlocks on the cages.

"It is awful thing to happen but we are so pleased that we have now got six back. They cropped up everywhere but they have all returned by themselves.

"We are only missing two now."

Kind-residents have been trying to reunite Mr Williams with his budgies; An appeal has been made on Lost Dogs North Wales Area Facebook page to try and trace the birds.

One person said he had spotted one on Colwyn Bay prom and another was spied in Bangor.