A TOWN Council will write to BT and the local authority after concerns were raised over ‘open’ drug taking and dealing ‘in broad daylight’.

The motion was approved after Cllr Maria Sarnacki highlighted problems including drugs being used and sold in and around telephone kiosks on the Maes in Caernarfon – just yards from its famous castle.

She said during last night’s monthly meeting of Caernarfon Town Council, “Many residents have contacted me with concerns over the open drug use and blatant dealing that can be seen in and around the telephone kiosks near the post office.

“There have been reports of people using the kiosks afterwards, with traces of substances still to be seen..

“I think we should contact BT to see if there’s any way the kiosks can be removed as its very intimidating to passers by.

“It can be very upsetting and can’t be good for tourism or the image of the town.”

Cllr Cai Laresen, added: “It can be intimidating for people who need to use the post office, due to how close they are to the front door.

“I can see maybe removing one of the kiosks, but I don’t think that both should be removed as they are still being used by people who want to make calls.

“One option may be to remove the shelves from inside them, which would mean they wouldn’t be able to cut their drugs as easily.

“This isn’t an issue for Caernarfon alone, and I feel its a growing problem in general I’m afraid.

“But we should certainly support the police in whatever action they take.”

But Cllr Cemlyn Williams felt that it was important to tackle the issue more generally in the town.

“I don’t think moving the problem elsewhere will solve anything,” he said.

“We need to look at this in a wider context, as there have been similar reports in the subways and near Feed My Lambs.”

As a result, the Town Council has now resolved to write to both Gwynedd Council and BT to seek further clarification on any measures that can be taken to aleviate the problem.

This is not the first time similar concerns have been raised in the town, with traders reporting last year that addicts were often seen “shooting up” on the Maes and neighbouring Tre’r Gof and Love Lane.

Former policeman Gwyndaf Jones, who runs the Castle Hotel on the town square, said: “There is dealing openly on Y Maes – even shooting up. It’s incredible. Visitors are afraid of them.”

According to North Wales Police, officers were “aware” of concerns raised by local residents and business owners about “drug related activity” near the post office in Caernarfon.

A spokesman added that anyone who witnesses anti social behaviour should contact North Wales Police on 101, and that such behaviour “would not be tolerated.”