POST office services in Upper Bangor are "entirely unacceptable" Arfon AM Siân Gwenllian has told the Welsh Assembly.

The post office, which was located in the Late Stop shop, on Holyhead Road, in Upper Bangor, sparked a protest when it was replaced by a weekly mobile service.

The Plaid Cymru Assembly Member raised the matter on Wednesday, directing her concerns to Alun Davies, Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services.

She asked: "Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the Welsh Government's work to safeguard post office services in Arfon?

"Post offices provide access to a range of important services our communities need. However, matters relating to post offices are not devolved.

"The post office in Upper Bangor was closed without warning a few weeks ago, meaning that businesses, students and local residents had to rely on a mobile service in a car park, which is only available for an hour a week.

"That is entirely unacceptable. It is crucial that the post office in Upper Bangor has a permanent home in the future.

"I accept that it’s not a devolved matter, but there is a duty on the Government here to ensure that the Post Office does provide appropriate services to the citizens across Wales. I’m sure you’d agree with that.1

Mr Davies replied: " I am aware of the situation in Upper Bangor, and I can tell the Member for Arfon that there is a matter being dealt with currently.

"The Post Office is at present dealing with it; it's a contractual matter - I cannot say more than that.

"I am aware that alternative services have been made available, but that they are not adequate for the needs of the community; it’s only a mobile service available for one hour only Wednesday.

"However, we have spoken to the Post Office, and we do understand that the Post Office cannot take any further action until the current investigation is completed."

The post office had temporarily closed on February 24, due to “operational reasons”.

The one-hour service in Morrison's car park, every Wenesday, was brought in on March 14.