A BANGOR school pupil who was awarded for her selfless work helping the community, immediately donated her £50 cash prize back to charity.
Hardworking Maddie O’Sullivan, a student at Friars School, was given the Inner Wheel Club of Bangor’s Citizenship Award by its president Gaby Harris.
The award marks a special person who has given ‘significant’ community service 
Maddie, 13, has been a regular helper doing good deeds such as shopping for the elderly, helping animals and charities.
After being given her honour, the teenager immediately donated her prize to Team Irfon and the Idlewilde Trust.
Friars headteacher Neil Foden said: “Maddie is always busy helping people in the community. What is so special about her, is that she has done all this work off her own bat, no one  has told her to do it, she organised it all by herself. She is a very deserving recipient of the award.
Linda Grant of the Inner Wheel Club of Bangor said: “ During our committee meetings we thought about young people who work hard in the community. There was a lot of negative press about the youth at the time. We often come across young people helping others and we though Maddie was very deserving of the Citizenship award for all her hard work in her school and community. 
“What was lovely about Maddie, is that she immediately and selflessly donated her prize back to charity!”
The award was made at the school’s Prichard Prizes ceremony, at the Prichard Jones Hall, Bangor University, in February. The Prichard Prizes are from a bequest. The M W and MH Prichard Prize Fund honours the most deserving pupils at Friars. The school also hands out donated or sponsored prizes, from outside bodies, including the Inner Wheel Club of Bangor Award for Citizenship.