"A BLOT on the landscape, an eyesore and a total insult to Bangor people" - is how a town’s mayor views a proposed housing development in Hirael.

Cllr Derek Hainge is calling on Bangor residents to write individual letters of objection against the Watkin Jones Phase II development plan to build 55 residential units on the former Dickies Boatyard.

The Beach Road proposals also include the creation of a new vehicular access, estate roads and associated paths, parking spaces and landscaping.

Gwynedd Councillor for the Garth area Huw Gruffydd Wyn Jones also says he has been inundated with complaints from local residents.

On Monday, he also organised an online petition against the development which attracted 336 responses within the first 24 hours - it currently stands at almost 500 signatures.

"I have not met a single person in the Garth area who is in favour of these plans," he said.

"We are a tight knit community in Garth, we have had two public meetings and there are strong feelings in the community against the plans.

"What is most disturbing is the scale of the development. They include a five-and-a-half storey building which will dominate the skyline of Bangor.

"A development like this could also affect wildlife. There are lots of high tide roosting seabirds in the area including egrets, herons and red shanks.

"It also needs to be noted that this is contaminated land – the old C&A Hospital was dumped here in 1983 to create the land for the boatyard. Who'd want to live on that?"

Mayor Derek Hainge said: "It is a complete insult to every resident of Bangor. It will ruin the town, it's an eyesore that people don't want , it will completely destroy the view. It is a totally unnecessary, blot on the landscape.

"I am urging everyone against the plans to object. People can sign the petition, but what they should do is also write individual letters. One petition is a petition but a thousand letters would have a stronger impact on the developers."

On the Facebook petition page "Don't Spoil Hirael Bay! Say no to Y Bae Phase 2" local comments inlude: Melanie Rigby who said: "The Hireal bay is an important piece of Bangor history that needs preserving.

"The proposed development will change the view on entering Bangor, the wildlife and the skyline forever. I object to the development and vote on favour of maintaining our beautiful bay as a significant piece of history."

Lowri Dundee said: "This area of the Menai Strait is a beautiful, natural environment with a cultural heritage spanning many years. This proposed development does not fit with the landscape of Hirael Bay and can be seen from Bangor pier, Beaumaris, Penrhyn, Hirael, Garth, and beyond. Please don't spoil it and change the Hirael landscape for ever."