ANGRY mums of children at an Anglesey "much loved" school have spoken out to save it from closure.

More than 100 parents and friends rallied at Llangoed Village Hall on Thursday, March 29 after news that Ysgol Llangoed may be earmarked for closure.

Parents hurriedly pulled together to form a Llangoed School Response Committee after county council decision on March 26 sent shockwaves through the community.

A campaign to save the primary school in Beaumaris, which had won a temporary stay of execution resulted in council chiefs considering alternatives, which may include the closure of the 87 pupil Ysgol Llangoed.

Katie Jones, chairing the committee, said: "The response from the local community has been one of total shock, closing Llangoed had never been on the cards.

"However the community has pledged to fight together to save our much loved school.

Llangoed mum-of-two Natasha Lough said: The way Anglesey has pitted our communities against each other is vile. Each community deserves a school! Ysgol Llangoed is the centre of our community. It is more like a family than a school and the thought of it closing is heart breaking!"

Anwen Hughes said: "Ysgol Llangoed is special as it puts the needs and wellbeing of every child above all else. "

Catherine Unwin said: "Ysgol Llangoed is a credit to this village. My son is in his first year and he loves school. He’s disappointed when there's a holiday! The teachers do an amazing job.

Llinos Mai Owen said: "My son is happy and content and enjoys going to school."

Victoria Waskiewicz said: "Llangoed school is amazingly close to our hearts. We are an educational family. Hopefully we can highlight why this amazing school needs to stay open." Katie Jones added: "We vow to stand together to challenge this and call on the community to support us.We have formed a response committee and have a petition."