A woman heroin-abuser who breached a community order has been ordered to stay inside her Bangor flat at night for the next three months.

Collette Louise Massey, aged 43, of Greenwood Avenue, Bangor was ordered to observe the curfew by Judge Huw Rees at Caernarfon crown court.

The community order had been imposed in August after she admitted selling her selling heroin to feed her own use.

Judge Rees said: “You and I have met before and I have encouraged you to sort out your finances. I am concerned about the people you mix with and I am glad to hear of the changes being carried out to your home.

“I want to ensure that you don’t go out at night and for the next three months you won’t. From 8pm to 6am you will stay in your flat, you will lock the door and don’t allow those people who try and peddle drugs in.”

The judge warned Massey the monthly drug reviews will continue and he would be keeping an “eagle eye” on her progress.

Sion ap Mihangel, defending, said Massey had considered moving away from Bangor to be closer to other family members. She was now working with various agencies to resolve issues and this include changing the locks to her flat in Maesgeirchen.

“If she does move away from the Bangor area it will be in association with the Probation Service and in a properly managed way.

“The curfew being proposed is a positive way of dealing with this breach,” declared Mr ap Mihangel.