NORTH Wales Police are warning businesses to be wary and alert to a particular fraud which was recently attempted at an Anglesey-based holiday rental business.

Last month, the company received email contact from would-be clients and agreed a holiday rental fee for accommodation on the island.

A cheque was then sent direct to a local bank from a London based bank but way in excess of the agreed amount.

Further email correspondence from the would-be clients indicated a mistake had been made on their part and asking for the overpayment to be refunded.

Fortunately, the local business had their wits about them, sensed a potential scam and did not make any payment.

The cheque subsequently bounced confirming to the business they had narrowly avoided a substantial loss.

Investigating Officer PC Paul Kinnaird at Llangefni Police Station said: "Enquiries are on-going to identify the offenders who are believed to be UK-based.

"However, we do believe others in the area may have fallen foul of similar scams and are advising caution when dealing with customers."

Pc Kinnaird advises that if you are approached, or feel that something is suspicious, make no further email contact/hang up the phone and don’t reply.

Then report it to Action Fraud (0300 123 2040 or online at and your bank on their advertised number.

Visit the Take Five to Stop Fraud website for more advice on how to stay safe from scams.

For further advice on how to avoid becoming a victim view and follow @nwpfraud on our NWP Twitter Fraud page.