PLAID Cymru has lost its Gwynedd Council, taking 37 seats - one less than the total required to control the authority.

Llais Cymru won 13 seats, while the Liberal Democrats' total dropped from five seats to two.

Labour won four seats, while independent candidates took 18 wards.

Here are the results for Arfon:  

Sion Wyn Jones (Labour) has been re-elected with 375 votes, beating Huw Price Hughes (Plaid Cymru) with 252 votes.

David Gwynfor (Labour) has won the ward with 66 votes, beating the incumbent Dewi Llewelyn (Plaid Cymru) with 62 votes and Mohammed Shultan (Liberal Democrats) with 52 votes.

Elfed Wyn Williams (Independent) won the ward with 357 votes, beating Len Jones (Plaid Cymru) with 205 votes.

Eddie Dogan (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected with 254 votes, beating Eve Butler (Labour) with 154 votes and Jason Paul Ince (Liberal Democrats) with 35 votes.

Lesley Day (Independent) was re-elected with 114 votes, beating John Wynn Meredith (Plaid Cymru) with 81 votes.

Elin Walker Jones (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected with 317 votes, beating Douglas Madge (Liberal Democrats) with 285 votes.

John Wynn Jones (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected with 153 votes, beating Joshua Clarke (Labour) with 136 votes.

Jean Forsyth (Independent) was re-elected with 227 votes, beating Shojjad Ali (Labour) with 107 votes and Suzanne Ince (Liberal Democrats) with 23 votes.

Dyfrig Wynn Jones (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected wit 375 votes, beating Catherine Jones (Socialist Labour Party) with 175 votes.

Craig Ab Iago (Plaid Cymru) won the ward with 269 votes, beating Gareth Wyn Jones (Llaid Gwynedd) with 159 votes.

John Wyn Williams (Plaid Cymru) won the seat with 332 votes, beating Aaron Forrest (Labour) with 174 votes, Andrew Richard Joyce (Liberal Democrats) with 32 votes and Martin Anthony Peet (Conservatives) with 60 votes.

Dyfed Edwards (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected with 401 votes, beating Esyllt Humphreys (Llais Gwynedd) with 255 votes.

Bont Newydd
Chris Hughes (Plaid Cymru) was re-elected with 309 votes, beating John Richard- Hughes Evans (Llais Gwynedd) with 161 votes.

Aeron Maldweyn Jones (Llais Gwynedd) was re-elected with 559 votes, beating Gwynedd Roberts (Plaid Cymru) with 277 votes.

Menai (Caernarfon)
Ioan Ceredig Thomas was re-elected with 559 votes, beating Richard Morris Jones (Independent) with 337 votes, and Jim Bracegirdle (Llais Gwynedd) with 77 votes.

William Tudor Owen was re-elected with 287 votes, beating Karen Williams (Llais Gwynedd) with 242 votes and Arnold Wyn Bohana (Labour) with 108 votes.

Tregarth Nynydd Llandygai
Gwen Griffith (Labour) won the ward with 148 votes, beating Dafydd Owen (Plaid Cymru) with 142 votes.

Dilwyn Lloyd (Independent) won the with 256 votes, beating Peter Thomas (Llais Gwynedd) with 236 votes and Nora Jones (Plaid Cymru) with 139 votes.

Eurig Wyn (Plaid Cymru) won the seat with 388 votes, beating Gwilym Owen (Independent) with 290 votes.

Eric M Jones (Independent) won the ward with 234 votes, beating Llyr Ab Alwyn (Plaid Cymru) with 133 votes.

Marchog (Two seats)
Christopher James O’Neill (Independent) and Nigel Pickavance (Independent) were elected with 247 votes and 365 votes, beating Keith Greenly-Jones (Labour) with 218 votes, Derek Hainge (Labour) with 143 votes, and Sylvia Humphreys (Independent) with 76 votes.

Menai (Bangor- Two seats)
Mari Rowlands (Plaid Cymru) and June Marshall (Liberal Democrats) were elected with 159 votes and 151 votes, beating Michael Carey (Labour) with 90 votes, Keith Marshall (Liberal Democrats) with 125 votes, Daniel Shooman (Independent) with 45 votes and Colum Charles Douglas Taylor (Labour) with 70 votes.

Seiont (Two seats)
Endaf Cooke (Llais Gwynedd) and William Roy Owen (Independent) were elected with 460 votes and 378 votes, beating Myfanwy Davies (Plaid Cymru) with 311 votes, Einion Rees (Independent) with 156 votes, Ken Jones (Independent) with 280 votes and Tecwyn Thomas (Labour) with 304 votes.


Llanrug - Charles Wyn Jones (Plaid Cymru).

Llanberis - Trevor Owen Edwards (Annibynnol).

Ogwen - Ann Williams (Plaid Cymru).

Penisarwaun - Hefin Williams (Plaid Cymru).

Y Felinheli - Sian Gwenllian (Plaid Cymru).