RAP and religion combine in Abergele artist Joey G's new album.

The London born musician was brought up in Nigeria before coming back to the UK to study for his A-Levels.

After graduating from Bangor University Joey began working for the church before making his first CD to raise money for missions.

Currently celebrating the release of his 18 track album Breakthru - The Next Level, the eclectic range of songs flow from gritty rap to smooth soul, demonstrating Joey's versatility as a musician.

The Entertainer caught up with Joey G to find out the inspiration for his release.

It's an eclectic album - what was the inspiration for the album?
The Breakthru is the theme - you may hear I do a few interludes. But obviously my main inspiration is God. I'm a Christian.

How important is your religion to your music?
Very important. Hip-hop has a bad name. A lot of people assume rap and hip-hop is all about guns, violence and dissing women. I wanted to use it in a positive way, and to get the gospel across to all.
People say being a Christian is boring, being a Christian is just people sitting on pews singing hymns. I want to give people a different view of Christian.

What made you get in the studio?
It was good actually. To be honest I've been trying for about four years. I went down to London and tried to record, but there wasn't a convenient time with the producer. So I tried about two years ago and the same thing happened.
What I've done is I actually composed some of the music myself and friends have helped me produce it as well.

How was the recording process?
I used the Orange studio in Penmaenmawr. My first session in November I recorded 11 tracks then. It was more like a 10am-6pm job - I recorded up to eight hours. The second session in January this year I recorded the remaining seven to get all 18 tracks.
It's a lot of work. I know my songs pretty well.
I recorded the first 11 songs in four hours, then it was a case of mixing them down.

What's the reaction to the album been so far?
I've had some good feedback. I'm just waiting for it to go out on iTunes and Amazon. I'm trying to do digital distribution. You can get the album on CDBaby.

What's next for Joey G?
I'm just trying to promote this album and get it out there. I've been played on different Internet websites, I've had a few gigs since it came out and I've got a few lined up including one in Stratford Upon Avon.
I've also been on Tudno FM a few times. It's just a case of keeping at it. 

Breakthru - The Next Level by Joey G is available by visiting www.cdbaby.com/cd/joeyg1