A SPOTLIGHT will be on The Bard later this month.

Renowned outdoor theatre group Illyria will be visiting Ruthin on Sunday, June 23 with a performance of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

This will take place in the gardens of Nantclwyd y Dre, on Castle Street.

Now in its 28th open–air touring season, Illyria is well known, nationally and internationally for performances of clarity, quality and ingenuity.

The play, believed to be Shakespeare’s last, is thought-provoking, lyrical and raucously funny.

The magician Prospero, marooned on an island with his daughter Miranda, conjures up a storm to shipwreck his enemies.

Washed up on a beach, they are driven inexorably towards Prospero to answer for their crimes - until he learns that Miranda has fallen in love with Ferdinand, the son of his enemy.

Which is greater – his thirst for retribution or his aptitude for forgiveness?

Tickets are available from Siop Elfair, Nantclwyd y Dre and the Illyria website at Illyria.co.uk

Alternatively, tickets are also available from Robert Hughes on 01824 702607 or plasgwyncottage@hotmail.com