Mark Wright has weighed in on the European Super League controversy.

The former Towie star, who made his debut as a professional footballer at the age of 33, said he had been “a bit angry and upset” about the “greed” of the club owners.

But he said that Liverpool’s principal owner, John W Henry, had done the right thing in apologising.

The so-called Big Six retreated from the European Super League proposals following an outcry.

Wright told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “Today, I’m really happy. I’m really happy… the owner of Liverpool… apologised to the fans…

“He doesn’t know the passion that we’ve got for our clubs and he now does understand the passion… and he’s apologised, so he’s done the right thing.

“Now I look at it as, maybe you couldn’t blame them looking at it as a business decision, but they’ve done the right thing.”

Wright signed to play for Crawley Town FC on a non-contract basis last year.