The assembled audience at Venue Cymru for The Lady Vanishes were treated to a masterclass in mystery and malevolence, writes Terry Canty.

The opening, in a busy European railway station with passengers ordered to disembark due to an avalanche, presented a suitable frame with which the actors could introduce their characters to the audience's eager amateur sleuths.

Whether you are familiar with the film directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock or not, this telling of the classic whodunnit - presented by Bill Kenwright and the Classic Thriller Theatre Company - this graceful production will have you on the edge of your seat.

Eastenders star Lorna Fitzgerald’s character Iris is charged with carrying the story and provided a solid performance in what was a dialogue-heavy role.

She was thoroughly engaging throughout alongside Downton Abbey's Matt Barber as Max.

The unlikely investigators provided thrilling moments and led the audience through the unfolding drama.

Robert Duncan (Charters) and Ben Nealon (Caldicott) were fantastic as classic Englishmen abroad, oblivious to the drama unfolding around them.

Coronation Street veteran actor Philip Lowrie and Elizabeth Payne were brilliant as squabbling couple Eric and Margaret, while Maxwell Caulfield’s portrayal of the Dr Hartz was chilling, offering duplicitous answers to the many questions surrounding the disappearance of Miss Froy played by the wonderful Juliet Mills.

Joe Reisig gave a chilling performance as the Official and should be applauded, along with Mark Carlisle (Signor Doppo) whose awesome swordplay skills brought another dimension to the play.

This elegant adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock movie classic featuring a stellar cast, superb sets and atmospheric musical score is not to be missed.

The Lady Vanishes is on at Venue Cymru from June 10 -15 at 7.30pm and 2.30pm. For tickets visit or telephone the Box Office on 01492 872000.