Gwynedd Council candidates for the May local elections announced


Staff reporter (NW Chronicle)

ARLLECHWEDD  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017MeurigDafyddPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBETHEL  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Griffiths Gareth Wyn Plaid Cymru -The Party of WalesJones Sion Wyn Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruCADNANT  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Sarnacki Maria VeronicaAnnibynnol/IndependentThomasGlynWelsh Labour/Llafur CymruWilliams Cemlyn Rees Plaid Cymru -The Party of WalesCWM Y GLO  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JonesBerwyn Parry Plaid Cymru - The Party of WalesJones Martin Andrew Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruDEINIOL  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Collings Steve Plaid Cymru -The Party of WalesJones Enid IndependentKieranKerry Ann Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruShultanMohammed Welsh Liberal Democrats/DemocratiaidDEINIOLEN  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Williams Elfed Wyn Plaid Cymru - The Party of WalesDEWI  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017King Colin Russell IndependentRobertsGareth Anthony Plaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGARTH  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Day Lesley Independent/AnnibynnolWyn Jones Huw Gruffydd Plaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGERLAN  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JonesKathrine Rosemary Socialist Labour Party/Plaid Lafur SosialaiddO'MarahChris Annibynnol/IndependentRowlinson Paul JohnGLYDER ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Walker Jones Elin Mair Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesHENDRE  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017HughesRichard MedwynIndependent/AnnibynnolJones John WynnPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesSharratt Ade Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru)HIRAEL  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017HibbertDavid Welsh Conservative Party Candidate/Ymgeisydd Plaid Geidwadol CymruJones Dyfrig Wynn Plaid Cymru - The Party of WalesJones Keith IndependentTugwellLuke Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruLLANBERIS  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Baylis Emlyn Charles Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesJones Kevin Morris Independent/AnnibynnolLLANLLYFNI  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Craig ab Iago Jeremy Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesHughes Robert William Llais Gwynedd-The Voice of GwyneddLLANRUG  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Jones Charles Wyn Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesLLANWNDA  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Jones Aeron Maldwyn Llais Gwynedd-The Voice of GwyneddRowlands Huw Llwyd Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesMARCHOG  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017FernleyCharles Dylan IndependentHaingeDerek Charles Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruLlywelyn CadiPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesO'NealChristopher JamesPickavance Nigel Wyn IndependentSavageConorPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesMENAI (BANGOR)  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JoyceAndrew Richard Welsh Liberal Democrats/Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol CymruRowlands Mair Eluned Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesWagerCatrin Elen Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesMENAI (CAERNARFON)  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JonesGwyndafAnnibynnol/IndependentThomas Ioan Ceredig Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesOGWEN  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Davies Calum Dafydd Welsh Liberal Democrats- Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol CymruDavies Susan Carol Welsh Labour/Llafur CymruJones StephenIndependentPuw Rheinallt Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesRobertsTeresaSocialist Labour Party/Plaid Lafur SosialaiddPEBLIG  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Owen William Tudor Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesPENISARWAUN  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JonesElwynAnnibynnol/IndependentWilliams Robert Hefin Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesPENTIR ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017BainesMennaPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesPENYGROES ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Humphreys Judith Mary Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesTaxi Hugh John Llais Gwynedd-The Voice of GwyneddSEIONT ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Cooke James Endaf Llais Gwynedd-The Voice of GwyneddJonesArfon Lewis Annibynnol/IndependentJonesKeithAnnibynnol/IndependentOwenWilliam Roy Annibynnol/IndependentParryGarethWelsh Labour/Llafur CymruTomosGlynPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesTALYSARN  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Jones David Aaron Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesLloyd Ifor Dilwyn Independent/AnnibynnolTREGARTH A MYNYDD LLANDYGAI  ELECTORAL DIVISIONOwen Dafydd Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesWAUNFAWR  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Owen Edgar Wyn Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesThomasCain Gwyrfai Annibynnol/IndependentY BONTNEWYDD  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017GarlickPeter AntonyIndependent/AnnibynnolOwenGavin AndrewLlais Gwynedd-The Voice of GwyneddRobertsWynn OwenPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesY FELINHELI  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017Griffith Gareth Wyn Plaid Cymru-The Party of WalesY GROESLON  ELECTORAL DIVISION 4 MAY 2017JonesEric MerfynAnnibynnolDafyddRhunPlaid Cymru-The Party of WalesRhys Emyr Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru

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