Dog falls into septic tank at 'death trap' derelict site in Caernarfon


Ben Reese

A BROWNFIELD site in Caernarfon has been described as a “death-trap” following a recent accident. 
A dog fell into a septic tank on the former Ferodo brake comapny works at Porth Waterloo, prompting fears that public health and safety could be at risk
Dog walker Calire Treliving was walking in the direction of Griffith's Crossing at around 2.30pm on Monday, February 2.
The K9Cymru employee was attending to a client’s pet when her 14-month-old labrador cross went exploring along a tarmac path just 100 yards from the beach. 
“I found Willow several feet down inside a brick and concrete tank," said Ms Treliving.
Ms Treliving's video above shows the tank in question.
"She was very distressed and the walls were too steep for her to get out. I realised that it wasn't just rain water that she had been submerged in, the tank also contained petroleum products. Her coat was greenish and the smell of fuel was intense.” 
After managing to haul Willow out of the tank, MsTreliving rushed her to Cibyn Veterinary Clinic. Willow was kept in overnight for monitoring and decontamination.
“It’s cost me £500 in vets fees as Willow needed liver cleansing medication. I’m concerned what would happened if kids went down that path?" Ms Treliving added.
"It’s the sort of place I would have played as a kid but it’s a death-trap. With leaves on the surface of toxic liquid it looks solid.”
The septic tank is not the only hazard on the site - the derelict buildings can be easily accessed from the beach and Lon Las Menai cyclepath.
Ms Treliving said: “The buildings are not secure, there is a fence that clicks together but there are gaps in that and there is no fencing from the beach up to the site.” 
Inside one building their was evidence of industrial waste and there are local reports of asbestos in the vicinity. Dead birds littered the floors and were caked in an oil-like substance.
The site is privately owned by Warwickshire proeprty developers the St. Francis Group who were unavailable for comment. The last Ferodo employees left the works in 2007/08.
Ms Treliving had been in touch with Gwynedd Council Environmental Health Team.
A spokesperson for the council said: “Officers from the Council’s Public Protection Service are assessing the safety of the access barriers to ensure that there are no gaps that allow entrance to the site. If any concerns are raised, we will be contacting the site owner urging them to carry out any necessary repairs.”  

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