Bangor pub fire victim tells of his ordeal and road to recovery


Geraint Jones

A MAN who was seriously injured in a Bangor pub fire is back home after weeks of arduous hospital treatment.

Jason Robertshaw aged 29, is recovering at his mother Maggie and stepfather Steven’s home after an inferno ravaged the Three Crowns on Well Street.

Jason thanked everyone who had sent him messages of support after the fire, and fundraising events have included raising money for staff members and to help Jason’s parents stay in Birmingham while he was in hospital.

“It’s been bonkers – I’m really chuffed at the support.”

The Coleg Menai lecturer, who lived at the pub and worked part-time as a drag DJ, told how he was forced to leap from the second floor window after finishing his shift.

He said: “All I remember was finishing DJing, going upstairs to get changed, and my boss and friend Jonathan shouted at me to get downstairs, and the next thing I know this flame hooked me round my right side and my face.

“I ran to the window and remember shutting the window behind and sitting on the window sill and shouting, and that’s the last thing I remember.

“I don’t remember the jump or landing, or being airlifted to hospital - I just remember being woken up in intensive care and slowly the story coming back to me of what happened.”

Jason suffered burns on his torso, arms and face, three cracked ribs, a dislocated shoulder and bruising to his legs in the blaze.

Surgeons grafted skin from Jason’s legs to his back and ribs with metal staples.
He said of the operation: “If you fall off in a skatepark and get a graze, it’s like that, only on a massive scale.

“I still walk a bit like John Wayne because I can’t straighten my legs, but it’s small little milestones.

“Today I walked down to the end of the street and back with my mum, because if I sit here I’ll end up like a couch potato.”

Determined Jason aims to resume his work at Coleg Menai and return to DJing.

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