Bangor housing development signs "excessive"


Geraint Jones

FEARS have been raised over road safety near a major building site in Bangor.

A Bangor City Council meeting this week feared signs at the Dickies boatyard development were distracting to motorists and did not match the area’s character.

Town clerk Gwyn Hughes said councillors could object to advertisements on the grounds of highway safety and if the signs detracted from the area’s visual amenities.

He added: “We can see the effect if it - I think it ‘s a bit over the top.
“Quite frankly, it’s an excessive number of signs - it’s right on a complex junction.

“It’s distracting, and it also effects the visual amenties of the area because of the amount of signs.

Cllr Derek Hainge said that the signs reflected vehicle lights, which meant that drivers could be dazzled.

Cllr Les Day added that the signs had to be changed because they were not bilingual.

Councillors agreed that there were too many signs advertising the development, and objected to Watkin’s Jones application for new signs.

A Watkin Jones spokesman said the company had not received any complaints over road safety or the signs not suiting the area’s character.

He added that Watkins Jones was in the process of meeting Gwynedd Council’s bilingual requirements.

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