How limiting your alcohol intake helps with weight loss



If you’ve decided to make this the year you finally lose that excess weight then it’s important that you limit your alcohol intake.

Countless numbers of people claim that they have lost weight through hiring a personal trainer or investing in a fat binder course, but the truth is that while these can be part of a successful long-term weight loss programme, an excess of alcohol can easily derail the most committed of people.

Alcohol contains hundreds of hidden calories, and while many people cut out fast food and sugary drinks when on a diet, often they do not consider their alcohol intake.

There are plenty of myths regarding the calorie count of alcoholic beverages but we’re here to dispel them and help you lose weight once and for all.


Some of the worst offenders for high calories are cocktails, in large part because of the mixers used. As they often contain less alcohol (or simply appear to) they are often drunk in quick succession, meaning that you could be consuming between 3-5 cocktails a night. And at 500-600 calories each, you can understand why this is hurting your waistline.

The bad news is that the most popular drinks seem to contain the most calories with Pina Colada containing 586 calories and a Mai Tai containing 620 calories.

By the far the worst drink for weight watchers is the Chocolate Martini (or White Chocolate Martini, depending on your taste). Reaching between 550-650 calories a go, this is one to avoid.

Low calorie drinks

If you don’t want to give up alcohol completely then consider switching to one of these low-calorie drinks:

A rum and Diet Coke has a total of 65 calories, almost a tenth of those found in a Mai Tai, whilst a pint of Guinness draught contains 126 calories, still very small compared to many cocktails. A glass of whiskey contains the lowest amount of calories at 55, and remains a gentleman’s (and lady’s) favourite.

If you simply can’t go without a cocktail then order a Bloody Mary which contains around 180 calories, meaning you don’t have to just order one to keep on top of your weight loss.

While alcohol can be a heavy influence on the success of your weight loss, there are plenty of other things to consider. If you are not a heavy drinker and have been sticking to a healthy diet, genetics may be the main issue for you.

If you need some extra help losing weight, you might want to try XLS Medical to supplement your weight loss. Everyone is different and so different things will work for different people.

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