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Yes, yes, we know it happens every year, and of course some people are very well organised and know exactly what should be there on Christmas morning to conform to the usual joyous seasonal occasion. But what about those who breeze blissfully through December, getting a little colder, whistling about Santa Claus a little more than usual, yet manage to get to the big week without clocking that there are THINGS and STUFF which simply has to be in your living room on Christmas morning, and find they are too late to acquire them when the day arrives? For those poor souls here is a brief must-have checklist for Christmas mornings that will help you avoid having to make any embarrassing explanations about how you managed to forget, AGAIN:
  • Big Tree, covered in preferably colourful lights or baubles, topped with an Angel or a Gold Star. You can go to a nearby forest for this sort of thing.
  • Port. Yes I know it's a little rich, but for some reason this drink it essential at Christmas time for calming the excitement just a little bit, and warming the cockles of your guests should they pop by. They will assume you knew it was Christmas if you offer them some of this stuff.
  • Turkey. Again, this is expected, even if it’s sometimes a little dry. Just have one to hand a few days before the 25th, and then you can either give it to someone to cook for you (they will be delighted to because it is Christmas), or stick it in the oven yourself and give it to people when they come round.
  • Festive Music. This is quite easy these days what with the internet and radios. Just make sure you have either one or both. With a radio you’re pretty sure to find some suitable tunes on just about every channel; with the internet a quick search should bring up some tasty options. Or you could just buy Cliff Richard's latest Christmas song, always goes down a treat.
  • Big, Comfortable Sofa. This one is probably most important. For huddling together to watch It’s a Wonderful Life or the Queen’s speech, sleeping off a mountain of turkey, or parking the older generation after they’ve indulged in one too many ports, a great sofa is an essential element of the Christmas experience.
With this easy guide to Christmas essentials, you can rest assured that the morning of 25 th December won’t find you unprepared!
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