About To Play Some Poker? Then Make Use Of Music To Help You Win!



Whether you are thinking about hosting a home poker game with friends or looking to sign up to a big online poker tournament, you would be surprised just how much a good song can pump you up and get you in to that winning mentality.
This is why I have decided to try and get you all in the mood for winning money with a top ten of songs that are sure to get you fired up while you are playing your favorite poker games
1.       Eye Of The Tiger
Okay, it’s a bit clichéd, however this classic song produced by Survivor is sure to get you in the mood for any kind of competitive action. Just don’t go running up and down the stairs; else you may hurt your mouse clicking finger.
2.       All I Do Is Win
It might not sort all tastes in music but the lyrics of “All I do is win, win, win” are sure to put you in the right frame of mind. This is by DJ Khaled and also features Ludacris.
3.       Taking Care Of Business
This one works more for regular players that try to earn a good living from the game. The song by Bachmann Turner Overdrive will have a lot of poker players relating to it.
4.       Killing In The Name
For those of you that prefer a bit of rock, this Rage Against The Machine song may not be about poker, far from it but it is about the music. Ignore the title and let it get your heart pumping.
5.       Public Service Announcement
If this tune by Jay Z doesn’t get your head nodding whilst playing poker for money, nothing will. This one is rap music, I am trying to cover all tastes of music here so please don’t shoot me.
6.       Machinehead
This time we have a bit of indie music, and though its lyrics hardly inspire it is the pumping music that is on this song by Bush will get you warmed up.
7.       Pop Your Balloon
Is there any music other than a tune from the Beastie Boys that can really get you in the swing for some competitive action? I seriously doubt it.
8.       Light Up
This is for those of you that want some motivation this Drake song certainly ticks all of the boxes, poker players can relate to the song and if anything the base line is sure to get you going.
9.       The Fighter
The singers Gym Class Heroes were all friends after meeting in…well a gym class. How does that relate to poker? Because most professional poker players look like they should be in a gym class, with all those hoodies and baseball caps.
10.   Pumped Up Kicks
This tune will have you in a world of your own, completely zoned in to the poker action. It can almost put you in a trance like state, which can only be good for your game.

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