AN Anglesey couple have revealed the secret to their long and happy marriage - dump the double bed!

Gwyn and Mavis Mitchell of Llanrhuddlad, both in their 90s, will be celebrating their 70th anniversary on Wednesday, January 17.

The couple, originally from Pontypridd, put their long and happy marriage down to a deep sense of love and respect for each other, a good sense of humour and replacing their doubled bed for two singles!

The couple's long time love story began back in Pontypridd when they were about 12 or 13.

Gwyn who is 91 said: "I saw this shorty girl, the attraction was there right away, and I thought she has got really great legs!"

"I still do!" Joked Mavis, who is 92.

Gwyn added: "We fell in love and our love has lasted 78 years. It has become a more caring love as old age takes its toll."

Not even the war could separate the pair. Mavis wrote every day to Gwyn while he was serving as a wireless operator on ships with the Royal Navy. Meanwhile she was working as a gas tester.

"I was very good at it, even though it was a job women didn't usually do in those days," she said.

Gwyn returned from service in 1947, and the pair were wed at St John's Church, Graig, Pontypridd, when she was 21 and he was 20, on January 17, 1948.

Mavis said: "I used to love writing letters, it was wartime, and I couldn't wait for him to come home. When he did, we got married, but we didn't have a penny to our name!"

Gwyn added: "We didn't even have any photographs or a honeymoon, but it didn't matter, we had each other."

The couple lived briefly in Loughborough, where Gwyn worked for the War Office, but they later moved back to Pontypridd. Gwyn later enjoyed a long career in banking and the couple went on to have three children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild. They moved to Anglesey about eight years ago to be closer to family.

"It has been a very happy marriage, though like any marriage, we have had our ups and downs, but generally we have been very lucky. We have a wonderful and close knit family.," said Gwyn.

"People often ask what is the secret of a happy marriage? Well, as far as I know, there is only one secret, but to love and respect each other plays a major part."

Mavis, or "Mitch" as she is affectionately known by Gwyn said: "I still love him to bits. He still makes me laugh. You have got to have a good sense of humour and we are always laughing at something silly!"

Gwyn added: "After three children, a few arguments, some serious, some trivial, we survived through our love for each other. Mind you, there was a problem that had to be resolved - our double bed!

"It was a case of get your cold feet off me, or stop snoring, stop taking all the bed clothes, among other issues!"

After 25 years the pair swapped their double bed for two singles, to ensure they not only sustained a restful sleep, but also sustained a happy marriage.

"At first I hated it, "said Gwyn, "But we realised we could still have as much fun, enjoy life, and a good night's sleep!

"To this day, we swear our long marriage has been down to dumping the double bed!"