A 70-year-old bodybuilder from Anglesey has followed up being crowned a British Champion by taking a second title at a competition held in the US.

John Morgan-Jones, a grandfather of six from Holyhead, travelled to Miami for the World Championships on Friday, November 4 after he had become the British National Federation champion in the over 70s category just two weeks earlier.

He followed up that win in Birmingham with another victory in the US, becoming the over 70s’ World Champion.

John, who also has four children, has been weight training off and on since he was 16-years-old and says that his father was his inspiration, after he had watched him performing a strong man stage act.

He began taking part more regularly in competitions in his 40s, but after realising that may of his competitors were taking performance enhancement drugs, he decided to drop out.

He returned to the sport in his 60s and says that he is now proud of being able to promote drug-free sports and show his strength and determination at his age.

The athletic pensioner trains nearly every day of the week and spends hours in the gym, working alongside his trainer and dietician to build up muscle tone.

In his hometown of Holyhead, he has become an inspiration to youngsters, who seem to admire his perseverance and will to succeed. Some have even decided to take up trips to the gym after hearing of his recent successes.

He said: “People have been coming up to me in the street to congratulate me and I’ve also seen messages on Facebook.

“I just love the feeling of being up on that stage. I like the challenge bodybuilding can bring and I like working out too.

“Sometimes I ache after training, but I know that it’s all worth it in the end.”

John, who played league football on Anglesey for more than 30 years and is a former radio presenter, says that he is proud to have been able to represent Wales, Anglesey and Holyhead on the international bodybuilding scene.

He also insisted that his achievements were a joint effort, stating that he is very grateful for the support of his wife, family, his trainer and his dietician, who have all helped him along on his successful journey.