THERE is a rare opportunity to see a modern re-imagining of a classic Ibsen play in Bangor.

Welsh writer and director Simon Harris, and LUCID Theatre Company, presents Little Wolf, a major new version of Ibsen’s Little Eyolf, on at Pontio’s Studio, on Friday, November 24 and Saturday, November 25.

Though generally regarded as one of Ibsen’s finest plays, it is rarely seen on the UK stage.

Little Wolf resets the classic in the present-day and is created by award-winning writer and director Simon Harris, and performed by Alex Clatworthy, Melangell Dolma, John-Paul Macleod & Gwydion Rhys. Design is by Holly Pigott.

Simon Harris, Writer and Director said “I came across Little Eyolf when I was in my twenties. It had such a mesmerising and powerful effect on me that I never forgot it. People who saw the 1982 BBC TV ‘Play of the Month’, starring Anthony Hopkins, Peggy Ashcroft and Diana Rigg loved it.”

Simon said of the re-imagining, “We want to reclaim the urgent relevance of the play for the present through a radical act of re-imagining. The anxieties and challenges of parenthood, the agency of women, the welfare of children and the experience of loss are all profoundly contemporary concerns.”

Rita and Alfred are haunted by a sense of responsibility for the physical disability of their nine-year-old son, Wolf, who suffered an accident while they were in the very ecstasy of passion.

Wolf’s subsequent disappearance and death, along with the discovery of Alfred’s love for his supposed half-sister, yields a tornado of mutual recrimination.

Rita and Alfred blame each other for the child’s death but, having finally acknowledged the bitter truths about their marriage, they achieve an uneasy resolution. Is their love too fragile to survive? As their worlds fracture and collide, what is worth holding on to?

This is a production that is an intense and compelling chamber drama. It is driven by emotions that are passionate and visceral while drawing an audience deep into the heart of the Allmers’ world. It is shocking, hopeful and blisteringly funny. Little Wolf is a play that will leave you wanting to discover more.

Little Wolf, by the Lucid Theatre Company, on at the Studio, Pontio, Bangor, from 7.30pm, on November 24 and 25. Tickets £12/£10: or 01248 38 28 28.