Residents living in a small village on Anglesey have been angered by continuous fireworks displays that they say have left their pets traumatised.

Several people living in Brynteg have contacted the North Wales Chronicle regarding the displays which have taken place at various areas in the village from last Friday (November 3) night up until Tuesday (November 7), with some lasting beyond midnight.

One woman, who did not wish to be named, said her pet Jack Russell (pictured abover) had been hiding under furniture at various times throughout the week as a result of the noise levels and flashing lights.

She also said that her horse had been left shaken by the constant noises and had to be kept in her stable to keep calm.

”Having one night of fireworks on November 5 is fair enough and I’d be totally fine with that,” she said.

”However, people having firework displays lasting from November 4 right up until November 7 does not take into consideration the effect it could have on the animals.

”I, amongst many other people in Brynteg, have been left feeling let down by others living in the area who think that this is acceptable. Something needs to be done about it.”

After posting a complaint on her Facebook page, the woman received several responses from other Brynteg householders and other Anglesey residents who agreed with her.

One suggestion she has made already is that silent fireworks can be used on the evenings that follow bonfire night.

The woman revealed she intends to send out a petition to residents living in Brynteg next week to gather their opinions on the effects of the fireworks on animals, before taking the results to her local councillor.