THE vibrant colours and culture of Cameroon are to be featured in a Bangor town centre art space.

The Bangor Arts Initiative, which has also been central to the creation of an organisation to promote art from the west African country, will showcase work by 10 Cameroon artists during an exhibition running until Thursday, December 7.

The project, based in the Oriel Bangor Eye gallery in the Deiniol Centre will display work from The Talents Outreach Association (TOA) in Cameroon.

Artist Jean Samuel Liynyuy Mfikela, who is TOA’s national president, has been involved with the Bangor Arts Initiative since 2015 when he came to Bangor as a banking and finance student at Bangor University.

He said: “The BAI was the primary spark that subsequently led to the creation of The Talents Outreach Association in Cameroon, promoting local artists.

“I didn’t pursue finance after university. I followed my heart and became an artist.

“I loved being in Bangor. It is like coming home. I was moved to see how the Bangor Arts Initiative promoted artists from different backgrounds and cultures and helped them get their art shown in North Wales.

“This is why we set up TOA, which will help artists from the Cameroon promote their work. The show features the life of people in Cameroon.”

Maggie Doherty of the Bangor Arts Initiative said: “At BAI we were very impressed to learn that upon going back to the Cameroon after his studies, Mr Liynyuy Mfikela did not only continue as an artist but went further to be an art promoter. The association was officially registered in 2017 and given all necessary operational credentials by the Government. In a great way, TOA can be considered the brainchild of the Bangor Art Initiative.”

Mr Liynyuy Mfikela will be conducting workshops throughout the Oriel Bangor Eye gallery exhibition.

The show will be open from noon until 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

For enquires, call 01248 351358 or email