A VILLAGE has put its heart into preserving its telephone box and potentially saving people’s lives.

When BT decided the Pentir phone box had reached the end of the line, in 2016, the village group, Parchu Pentir Respect, decided to ring in changes by turning the phone booth, on the Square, at Pentir, into a life-saving defibrillator station.

The group contacted Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) and applied to the Awards for All Lottery for funding to buy and install the equipment and £2,226 was awarded to the villagers in September.

The residents also raised more than £1,000 to maintain the equipment by organising community events including a successful 4.5k fun run, in which 87 people took part. They also held a concert with local musicians, and sold cakes during the event at St Cedol’s parish church.

Kate Potter, member of the Parchu Pentir Respect group said: “The project is part of a national network of defibrillators but for us, it has been a great way to bring the local community together.

“When we discovered we could keep the kiosk, we could adopt it for just £1 from BT, and retain its power supply, it was a no brainer that we should keep it for something useful and the defibrillator was the perfect use for it. It all fell into place.

“The whole village has put their heart and soul into helping to fundraise and getting involved with it, it’s been brilliant on several levels, and it has really captured people’s imagination.

“The defibrillator equipment means if anyone has a heart attack in the village, we will have access to a quick emergency response. It is very easy use, it actually talks to you and tells you what to do, step by step, so it could be invaluable, especially as we are on a walking and bike and main road route, it is good to know it’s will be there and could help save someone's life someday.”

A training session to use the machine is to be held the village in December. Anyone interested in finding out more or taking part should email kshp49@gmail.com