The Porthmadog Neighbourhood Policing Team has recently been successful in setting up new surveillance cameras in the town.

The CCTV cameras were installed in mid-October overlooking the back streets by Tesco and, with the full support the council, Chamber of Trade and North Wales Police, funding was secured for further installations in on November 6, overlooking the site of the new residential care home.

Community Support Officer Mark Hughes had been lobbying for extra surveillance in the area.

Mark said: “I am very pleased that the cameras have been installed, and are already helping with investigations, for instance, they have provided valuable evidence on an arson which took place on October 11.”

District Inspector Gethin Jones said: “PCSO Hughes has worked tirelessly to achieve this, his dedication in successfully negotiating a number of hurdles in the process in order to keep our communities safe has made me very proud.”

Money from North Wales Police’s DM Owen Fund was made available, meeting the criteria of being both a benefit to South Gwynedd officers, and communities within South Gwynedd.

Gwynedd Chief Inspector Richie Green authorised use of the money, saying: “We’ve been trying to get CCTV in Porthmadog for over 10 years, so to see this happening is really positive.

"Having this asset is intended to benefit everyone, and I hope that all the residents and visitors continue to feel safe in town, so feel free to give us a wave if you spot the cameras.”