A woman who had been jailed for her part in a £700,000 fraud in which elderly people - including actor Jude Law's grandmother - were swindled by a gang of rogue builders has been told to pay £31,401 in compensation.

Judge Rhys Rowlands ordered the sum to be paid by Caryn Wyn Owen, 52, of Queen's Avenue, Bangor, who last May had been jailed for 20 months for money laundering.

Owen Edwards said in a Proceeds of Crime hearing at Caernarfon crown court: "It concerns a trial relating to fraud on a number of elderly people."

He said her total benefit had been £68,494.

Gareth Roberts, representing Owen, said the £31,401 would be raised by the sale of her house. Judge Rowlands told her that failure to pay the sum would involve twelve months' imprisonment.

Mark Williams, aged 34, of Bro Rhyddallt, Llanrug, must pay £1,786 with two months' jail in default.

Last year he got a 28-week suspended sentence.

The case involved the bills given two elderly people for roofing and building work at Bangor, Holyhead, Benllech and Penrhyn Bay.

One victim, who lost £60,916, was Meinwen Parry, aged 89, of College Road, Bangor, who has since died.

She was the grandmother of Jude Law.

Another was a retired school caretaker from Penrhyn Bay, who lost £615,310 which he paid for substandard roofing work on his bungalow.