COMEDY fans are being invited to join stand-up man, poet, improviser and TV stalwart Phill Jupitus for over an hour of tales, laughs and diversions.

The comedian will bring his current touring show, Phill Jupitus, Juplicity, – billed as adult themes and situations, but delivered childishly – to Theatr Bryn Terfel, Pontio Bangor, on Wednesday, October 11.

Jupitus became a familiar face when he started as team captain on BBC2’s pop quiz, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, in 1996. The show went on to run for 19 years.

Aside from Never Mind the Buzzcocks and live stand-up shows all over the UK, he also appears as a regular guest on QI (BBC2) and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Dave).

In 2012, he returned to television stand-up for the first time since 2000 with an appearance on Live at the Apollo (BBC1).

In terms of the stand-up element, Juplicity will draw on the comic's own life, one he describes merrily as both “chaotic” and “flaky”.

He says: “Sean Lock has a phrase, which was both inspiring and worrying, about comedians mining our own personalities for material and then in your head negotiating how much you keep back.

“Initially there was some resistance to me discussing things on stage about my family.

“One of my daughters, Molly, married her American girlfriend and emigrated there, so what you get is a starting point: gay marriage is a trope that’s very much in vogue at the minute and dovetails with what’s happening in the world with [President] Trump and so on.

“As a comedian you are a person in a society within the world; all you have to do is look at things and shift your camera angle.

“All comedians can do is put a wider lens on a situation so that it resonates with people.”

He adds: “As with many acts who take to the road for a lengthy period, the show that is conceived at the beginning might not exactly replicate the one which exists by the end.

“What happens on the tour becomes added to the tour.

“It snowballs as it rolls down the hill of the dates. I wish I had the discipline of my comedy brothers and sisters and say ‘it’s about this!’.

“By the end, who knows? It could be about my love of the bridge work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Still, that would do well in Bristol.”

The show (14+) starts at 8pm. Tickets cost £15 and are available from Pontio box office by telephoning 01248 382828.

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