THERE has been a sharp spike of interest following the Chronicle story about Anglesey cacti enthusiast Brenda Williams.

Amateur cacti and flower grower Brenda, from Y Garnedd, LlanfairPG, has been giving professional nurseries and growers a prickly problem by walking away with gold medals and awards in national, prestigious competitions such as the Southport Flower Show and the Royal Welsh Show.

However, since the Chronicle covered the story, she has been inundated with people calling her to donate cacti to her. 

"I've had about seven calls this week from people who have cacti they want to give me," said Brenda, who is a full-time carer and a school caretaker.

"I have had calls from Holyhead, Bangor and Pwllheli. I have been joking with everyone that I should probably set up as a cacti rescue orphanage!"

One cactus she has been given is 4.5ft tall and was given to her by pensioner Eileen Powell, of Menai Bridge.

"I have had this cactus from it being a tiny baby cactus, for about 15 years,” she said.

"I'm quite attached to him. But at my age, you never know when you will pop your clogs, and I want him to go to a good home, where he will be cared for. He's found a good home with Brenda and her boys as she calls her cacti!" she said.

Since the Chronicle story, Brenda, who shows her cacti under the name ‘Cacti Môn’ has also been inundadted with media inquiries and interest from growers and enthusiasts.

”I’m very grateful to everyone for their interest and support, and for the cacti. Eileen’s cacti will become part of displays. It is a lovely cactus, and she has looked after him. He’ll fit in very well with my other boys!”