A BUSINESSMAN has been locked in a power struggle with an electricity company after it failed to switch on his property’s three meters – despite making 58 phone calls to sort the matter out.

Chris Jennings, who is converting Laurence House, the old vicarage building to St Mary’s Church at Y Felinheli, into luxury apartments, first contacted Scottish Power in October 2016, and asked them to disconnect three of the five meters in the building, which had been previously used as flats.

In March, as the improvements were nearing completion, Mr Jennings called Scottish Power again to ask for the three meters to be reconnected.

However, after 58 further phone calls, 14 hours spent on the phone, dozens of emails – and despite paying for the work to be completed – he is no further forward.

“I can hardly believe what has been happening,” he said.

“I have contacted Scottish Power time and time again and raised complaints but was getting nowhere.”

Mr Jennings, who lives in Woodland Park West, Colwyn Bay, added: “What I am being told is that due to some computer thing, the computer won’t accept my three jobs.

“It is impossible. It just goes round and round in circles.

“You can’t speak to anyone about it.
No-one knows anything. It’s a call centre.”

Mr Jennings said: “I am now way off my schedule and should have had this project over and done with months ago.”

When the Chronicle contacted Scottish Power yesterday, however, spokesman Jane Holmes said: “We sincerely apologise to Mr Jennings for the delay in resolving this issue.

“We have spoken with Mr Jennings and arranged to have the meters fitted tonight and we will be carrying out a full investigation as to why there was such a delay.”

Mr Jennings said: “I’m delighted, over the moon, and so grateful to the Chronicle for helping to sort the matter out. It has made my day.”