Staff from a health store in upper Bangor were busy celebrating today as they marked their 30th anniversary.

Workers at Dimensions Dru Health Store hosted a party from 11am onwards which provided free cake, tea and healthy products to its visitors throughout the day. 

Dimensions is a locally owned small business and has been selling organic, local and “free-from” for the past three decades.

Jane Clapham, from the Dimensions team, said, ’We’re very proud of being here in Upper Bangor for over 30 years.

“We’ve evolved from selling fruit and vegetables in the 1980’s to focussing more on organic foods, vitamins and free-from foods. We’re passionate about giving back to the local community and support many local charities.

“We are asking members of the public to please join us in our celebrations - there will be special offers and tasting all week.”

The 'Dimensions' story begins in the mid-eighties when a small group of idealistic Bangor University students sought to financially support themselves and make a difference to the world.

Since then it has evolved into North Wales' most extensive health store, selling organic and ethical products,as well as offering advice on a natural and healthy lifestyle.