THE mystery of a signed wooden plank dating from 1926 may have been solved thanks to a Chronicle reader.

Housing association Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) workforce recently found a piece of wood inscribed ‘Will Davies, plasterer’s labourer, Bethesda, 1926,’ whilst removing flooring at one of its properties at Penlon Gardens, Bangor.

CCG appealed through the Chronicle for any readers out there who might know who was the mystery man.

Now Mrs Elaine Jones, of Bangor, has come forward, and believes it to be Will Davies, her great uncle who was a plasterer’s labourer from Bethesda. Elaine’s maternal grandmother was Marie Williams – Will’s sister – who lived in nearby Strand Street.

Generations of Mrs Jones’s family had lived at the property at 18 Penlon Gardens, since, it was built in 1926. But, the family gave up the home in April, 2017 after Mrs Jones’s mum Nancy Pattison passed away.

“My grandfather Richard ‘Dick’ Pattison, well known in Bangor City circles, was actually the original tenant in the house from 1926 – but it was my maternal grand-mother Marie Williams, Will’s sister, who lived round the corner. It is highly likely that Will came over to do some work.”

“I can remember him. I am sure it must have been him. I just had a feeling and I recognised the writing. Also my grandma always said Will was a “plasterers labourer.” When I saw the Chronicle I just had this nagging feeling it was him.

Elaine herself lived in the house from 1954 when her mum and dad, Nancy and Math Pattison, moved into look after her grandfather.

“Several generations of my family have lived or spent time at the house. We moved there in 1954, a year after I was born.”

“It was a wonderful house. It had a lovely garden and I have very many happy childhood memories here.

“It is lovely that the house is revealing its history and story to us, and it has been a trip down memory lane for me. Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of Will – I have searched and searched but to no avail.”