THE dad of brave Logan Sellers – the Chronicle’s Child of the Year – has spoken out on Facebook with the devastating news that his young son’s cancer is back.

Logan, who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma last year, underwent months of gruelling chemotherapy, as well as pioneering proton therapy in the US.

Back in May, it was announced that the eight-year-old was cancer free. The Ysgol Tregarth pupil went back to school after his treatment.

But his dad has now said on Facebook on Friday, August 29: “Life can be so cruel especially when there is no rhyme and reason.

“September the 4, last year, Logan started his chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma) – worst news ever that turned our lives into a living nightmare.

”After being in Manchester today to receive Logan's results from his biopsy last week, the living nightmare has returned.

“Logan's cancer has returned in less than six months, today's news was shattering, Logan in tears at the thought of chemotherapy again after he was getting on so well with his recovery.

“Next week will consist of further MRI, chest x-ray, to check for spread in other areas of his body for this horrible disease, he will also receive a new Hickman line put in to his chest again.

“The following week a PET scan and at the moment a start of his chemotherapy treatment. (The same week as it was last year).

“The only difference this time is radiotherapy or proton therapy as a form of treatment is not available due to being so soon after his previous treatment, therefore other avenues will need to be considered.

He added: “I have given up asking why, just wish somebody or something would give us a break.

“It has been such a shock coming so soon after the last treatment, we have scans, x-rays and an MRI this week, and next, to determine if there is any spread to the body.

“But we won’t know the course of action until next week.”