ORIEL Môn will be opening its doors to one of its most ambitious exhibitions featuring artwork depicting birds.

The  gallery, at Llangefni, is featuring 18 artists of national and international repute, in a show organised by the Birds of Wales Project, on on Saturday, September 16.

It is being co-ordinated by artists Jayne Huskisson and Eric Peake, and brings together 18 artists of national and international repute to depict the birds of Wales in their own unique styles. 

Local Schools have also played a part in the exhibition. Pupils took part in art and poetry competitions, with the winning entries displayed as part of the exhibition which will run until the 5th of November, 2017.

Visitors to the exhibition can expect a diverse show with works ranging from watercolours, print, sculpture, jewellery, ceramic and textiles to the more unusual feather art and basket-ware.

Textile Artist, Jayne Huskisson, stated, “Raising the profile of the value of our wildlife and habitat heritage is more important now than ever.  From a desire to do this was born the concept of this exhibition and project, using art to help connect people with the wildlife and habitat of the Birds of Wales.”

“Staging the exhibition at Oriel Môn is particularly appropriate in relation to Wales' artistic culture as Charles Tunnicliffe, who was one of the United Kingdom's leading wildlife artists, spent the majority of his artistic years at Shorelands in Malltraeth on Anglesey. 

”Indeed, the Tunnicliffe archive collection is held by Oriel Môn, and several pieces have been specially selected to hang in the exhibition and also the complementary “Feather Map of Wales” exhibition in the Tunnicliffe Gallery.”

Oriel Môn’s, visitor experience manager Nicola Gibson, added: “This exhibition has enabled us to showcase the variety of wildlife the Island has to offer, and also bring together a variety of artists, from up and coming talents from the schools to world renowned artists.”

“I look forward to opening our doors in September and giving our visitors the opportunity to connect with the Islands’ local wildlife.”

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, a range of events and activities will be held in and around Oriel Môn. 

”Some of the activities include illustrated talks by bird specialists, artist led master classes, children’s workshops and family activity days.  For full details and to book please seewww.birdsofwales.org

This exhibition has been made possible with the kind support of HLF Cymru, RSPB Cymru, BTO Cymru, The North Wales Wildlife Trust and Anglesey Wildlife Walks.

Oriel Môn is open daily between 10.30am and 5.00pm and admission is free.  For further information please contact 01248 724444 / www.orielynysmon.info