A beehive containing 40,000 bees has been stolen from a field on Anglesey.

Bee owner, 43-year-old Paul Williams of Rhydwyn, checks on his £400 hive, which he looks after as a hobby, once a week.

However, on August, he noticed it was missing.

A thief, likely dressed in a full beekeeping suit, swiped a beehive on Anglesey containing 40,000 bees.

North Wales Police's rural crime team are investigating the theft and believe that the suspect was likely to have been dressed in a full beekeeping suit in order to pull it off.

PC Dewi Evans said: "The fact there were thousands of bees inside suggests they were wearing a full bee suit or they risked being stung to smithereens."

There were similar thefts in 2015 but none were reported in North Wales last year.

The bees are believed to have been stolen some time between July 26 and August 2. No arrests have yet been made.