A young woman from Bangor has graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Law having become a mum and suffering health problems.

Steffie Williams Roberts, 25, said: “In my first year, I found a lump in my breast and had surgery to remove the lump. Thankfully it was benign but the waiting put a lot of strain on me. 

“In my second year I began suffering with anxiety and feared leaving the house and was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder but worked hard to ensure I successfully completed my second year.”

However, she explains that one of her biggest challenges was her pregnancy and having a baby in her third and final year.

“My son was born in January and was two weeks early by caesarean section. I completed four essays at the end of January and throughout February. I then had to face my dissertation, I spoke to my supervisor who was very supportive and helpful and I completed it within the deadline.”

“I still can’t believe I did it. I’m graduating with a first class degree after the hardest but yet most rewarding year of my life.

“Not many people can say they achieved everything they wanted from life at 25 but all I’ve ever wanted is to graduate from university and have children of my own. I’ve done both in less than a year. I now get to make some new dreams and look forward to a hopefully bright future.”

Steffie is grateful for the support she received from staff at Bangor University, saying: “They have been amazing especially Helen Albert from the administration team.

“I must say their support and encouragement are more of a highlight than anything else because I know I would not be graduating without their help and support!”

Steffie now hopes to become a law lecturer and researcher, complete a research masters, before completing a PhD in Law.