A super expensive ‘Megacar’, that can hit top speeds of over 270mph, was pulled over by Police on the A55 this week.

There are only seven models of the Koenigsegg One car in the world and one of those had been stopped by officers on the A55 near Anglesey for having no number plate.

The vehicle, which is made in Sweden, was one of the most exclusive production car programs in history and costs around £2.2m.

North Wales Police’s Road Unit condemned the incident on Facebook, saying: “Even if your car is worth well in excess of a million pounds you still need a number plate like everybody else.”

The social media post was accompanied by photos of the car, which shows the model is number one of the limited edition six that have been manufactured

Certain versions of the Koenigsegg can drive at speeds of up to 273 mph and can go from zero to 200mph in a world record breaking 14 seconds.

Every vehicle in the UK is required by law to display a number plate on the front and rear of the vehicle for identification purposes, except for motorbikes, which must display the number plate on the back.

The number plate must conform to certain legal specifications according to the year of issue