A HGV driver has been fined after he continued driving with a tyre blow-out whilst travelling on the A55 on Anglesey.

The driver was travelling westbound near Llanfairpwll last week when he suffered a blow-out, which sent debris across both lanes of the westbound carriageway.

He pulled into the nearest layby and contacted a local company to arrange a tyre repair, but he failed to notify North Wales Police.

The company attended, but the tyre could not be repaired at the roadside. However, the HGV driver decided to try and continue on his journey to Holyhead Port.

PC Nick Power, from North Wales Police’s commercial vehicle unit, said: “A member of the public contacted our control room as they were concerned the HGV was on fire due to the amount of smoke emitting from the burst tyre.

“We caught up with the HGV further along the A55 after the driver had stopped in another layby as it had become quite clear that he was unable to continue with his journey.

“We had to put in a rolling road-block to clear the westbound carriageway of debris from the HGV, which was clearly presenting a danger to other road users.”

The driver was spoken to and issued with a TOR (Traffic Offence Report) for the tyre offence, which is likely to result in a £100 fine and three penalty points on his licence. He was also issued with a further £500 fine for a tacograph offence.

PC Power added: “Another tyre, which was taking all the pressure on the same axle on the offside of the trailer, had become extremely hot as this was taking all the load on the third axle, and in my opinion was in danger of suffering a devastating blow-out which could have resulted in a serious collision or worse.”

Advice is available via www.tyresafe.org/tyre-safety/truck-tyre-safety/ or www.north-wales.police.uk/about-us/departments/commercial-vehicle-unit