CAMPAIGNERS staged another flash protest against pylons being sited on Anglesey.

The Anglesey Says No to Pylons Campaign protested against the National Grid on a bridge across the A55, on the approach to Britannia Bridge on Friday (July 14) as part of a series of events to draw attention to opposition to the proposed option of a second row of pylons across Anglesey.

In a statement the campaign group said: “It’s extraordinary that in their press release last week the National Grid said we have been listening to the voice of Anglesey in putting a tunnel under the Menai Straits to house the cables. This is just not true. They have continually ignored the feedback from the local community.

“Our opposition is based on their impact on the landscape and hence tourism, farming as confirmed by agricultural organisations, property value which will not be compensated, and health as evidence grows regarding the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). If Ofgem considered these impacts, then National Grid would use underground or subsea cables.”

A National Grid spokesperson said: "We have listened to local communities and taken on board their comments as we have developed our work.

“Alongside what people tell us we also have an obligation to consider technical, environmental and cost requirements.

“We've worked hard to design a connection to keep effects low and believe our proposal of a second overhead line close to the existing line and a tunnel under the Menai Strait offers the best balance of all the factors we must consider. There's lots of information on our website to answer people's questions.”

The Say No group is holding a public meeting at Tre-Ysgawen Hall on Wednesday, July 26, at 7pm. The petition is at petitions/anglesey-says-no-to-pylons.