Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Bangor in perfect weather for the annual carnival.

Carnival princess Libby Pritchard and her retinue, including rosebud Rosie and petal Scarlet Evans, led the way – from the starting pont at Sackville Road, through the High Street, down to Dean Street and back around – for the rest of the crowd to follow. Among the youngest in Saturday’s parade was mascot Alessio De Rosa, who at just seven months found it all a bit tiring as he fell asleep.

Pupils from Our Lady’s School and the Chinese unit within it joined with the Confucius Institute of Bangor University to brighten up the parade and marched through the streets of the city with their giant dragon. Others dressed up as children’s entertainment characters such as Dora the Explorer and donned their colourful onesies to join in with the fun.

The sun beamed down over Bangor on the morning of the parade, heralding the ideal weather for what turned out to be another successful carnival.