The works of a talented local photographer have been put on show at Bangor’s Storiel gallery.

Dylan Arnold’s exhibition, Hidden Valley, focuses on the landscapes of Snowdonia and Anglesey and will run until September 2.

The artist, who comes from Llanrug, said: “I bought my first film SLR camera back in 1988 when I was 15.

“It sparked a lifelong love of photography that has never waned.

“It was 21 years later that I bought my first proper digital SLR.

“That’s when the bug really bit hard.

“The advent of the digital darkroom meant that, for the first time, I had the ability to process and shape my images as I saw them, rather than posting snaps off to be developed as I did in the days when I used film.

“Several camera and equipment upgrades, soggy feet and broken tripods later, I find myself as a published photographer.”

This year Dylan won the portfolio prize in the ‘Your Vision 2017’ landscape photography contest, hosted by professional photographer David Noton.

He also had two images shortlisted in the ‘Outdoor Photographer of the Year’ competition as well as being published in The Guardian and interviewed in Golwg magazine.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm.