THE  first family of Cajun music will be bringing the emblematic sound of the deep south to Menai Bridge.

The world famous Savoy Family Cajun Band will be playing at the Victoria Hotel, on Tuesday July 25.

The evening will feature the full stellar line-up of Marc Savoy (accordion), wife Ann (guitar and vocals), and sons Joel (fiddle/guitar) and Wilson (piano/fiddle/vocals), each one of them a superstar of the Cajun genre. 

Cajun music is the emblematic sound of Lousiana, but rooted in the ballads of the French-speaking Acadians of Canada.

The band has played at Presidential inaugurations, the Newport Folk Festival, the JFK Centre, Womad, the QEH in London and at festivals all over North America and the world.

Patriarch of the clan Marc Savoy is regarded as one of the kings of Cajun accordion. He plays the accordion in the climax of Walter Hill's film 'Southern Comfort', and is also a world renowned accordion builder who has been awarded the highest honour in the US for traditional artists, the honourable National Heritage Fellowship Award.

Ann Savoy has appeared alongside her sons in Hollywood blockbusters ‘The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood’ and ‘All The Kings Men’ and is also a member of the Grammy nominated Magnolia Sisters.

She recorded the Grammy nominated album ‘Adieu False Heart’ with Linda Ronstadt and another called ‘Evangeline Made’, also a Grammy nominee, with Ronstadt, Nick Lowe. Grammy award winner Joel Savoy is considered to be the finest fiddler in the genre.

Producer T-Bone Burnett once said “everything Joel Savoy touches turns to music.” Joel runs his own label, Valcour Records, as well helping his dad to build accordions. 

His brother Wilson (also a Grammy winner) is an accomplished pianist, fiddler and accordionist .

The Victoria Hotel will be the only Welsh date on the band's current short European tour. Tickets are available now from Palas Print Caernarfon and Mudshark Records Bangor.