A CELEBRATION of Anglesey’s Neolithic past was held at one of its most famous burial chambers.

Hundreds of visitors turned up at the 5,000 year old burial mound, Bryn Celli Ddu, near Llanddaniel to take part in a host of events celebrating the site’s unique history.

On Friday (June 16) Cadw invited stargazers young and old to bring along telescopes or binoculars to the prehistoric site to catch a glimpse of the night sky over North Wales.

On Saturday (June 17), an open day celebrated the Neolithic period in Wales with demonstrations of flint knapping, a chance to meet Neolithic characters, and the opportunity to make clay pots, like those found at the tomb.

Visitors also got the chance to find out more about Cadw’s current excavations of the Bronze Age cairn in the field next to the burial mound, with live tours of the open trenches.

There was an opportunity to talk to members of the Anglesey Druid Order about the significance of the sunrise of the Solstice at Bryn Celli Ddu.

Known as one of the most evocative archaeological sites in Britain, the Anglesey monument was constructed to protect and pay respect to the remains of ancestors.

To mark the event Cadw has also released a CGI five-minute reconstruction of the tomb, which sees the site restored to its former glory.