A CAERNARFON  ‘prolific offender’ John Adrian Riley was jailed for three years on Friday, June 16.

Riley was jailed for attacking and assaulting another local man in Caernarfon in May 2016.

Det Sergeant Andy Davies at Caernarfon CID, said: “Those in our communities who resort to violence must realise there is a consequence.  Those few who do will be relentlessly pursued, prosecuted and sent to prison.   

“There will be no hiding place. Riley is a prolific offender and his imprisonment will bring a degree of relief and satisfaction to the whole community as well as his latest victim.”

“We will continue to work with our communities to make north Wales a safer place and our message is a simple one,  never resort to violence, think about the consequences and the impact it can have on the victim, their families and the community.”