North Wales Police are working hard to clamp down on ‘street drinkers’ in Holyhead following a number of complaints. 

Local Police have adopted a more pro-active and formal approach in tackling the problem after complaints were raised about people drinking alcohol in the St Cybi Church yard (a designated no drinking alcohol zone) and Bryn Dairy Lane areas of Holyhead.

Police Sergeant Tracey Llewellyn of the Anglesey Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "Following some concerns about people gathering and drinking in the Cybi Church yard and Bryn Dairy Lane areas we initially sought to combat the issue with words of advice and warnings without the need for more formal action.

"Unfortunately our ‘friendly’ and community based approach was ignored and so we’ve decided to take a more robust stance to discourage behaviour that may escalate.

“Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers are now routinely visiting the area, have confiscated and disposed of alcohol and issued a number of people, all of whom are adults, with ‘yellow cards’.

"This is potentially the start of a more formal process under the Crime and Disorder Act which if repeated could result in a court summons being served and potentially a criminal record. We’ll continue to take this positive stance, which we know has significant support from the local community, until the situation improves.”

“Our action is intended to reassure those living and working in, or visiting the town, that we are taking positive action against those causing repeat issues of anti-social behaviour and potentially protecting vulnerable people from the excess of alcohol.”

Pete Gaffey Anti-Social Behaviour Officer at Caernarfon Police Station added: “North Wales Police are committed to making the best use of the new powers granted by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to protect the public.”

North Wales Police want members to inform them if people are gathering and drinking in the no drinking zones of Holyhead via the web live chat

Alternatively phone Police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.